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We would personally like to recommend the following places which we have classified by distance, not by interest! Since we are so close to the border, we have taken the liberty of including a few in Belgium. Luxembourg is also a few kilometres away, so don’t hesitate.

Discover the remains of the convent of nuns founded in 844 and the small chapel dedicated to St. Scholastica, venerated as the sister of St. Benedict of Nursia. Juvigny is a beautiful village in Lorraine where it is pleasant to stroll.

You will find an excellent article about Juvigny in Wikipedia.

The village of Marville is a very interesting and unusual place in the area. A walk through its narrow streets will reveal a sumptuous set of beautiful carved Renaissance facades inspired by Spanish architecture.

The other curiosity of Marville and not to be missed, is the fascinating cemetery Saint-Hilaire and its ossuary of 40 000 skulls and bones gathered by the guardian Mostch at the end of the 19th century.

Montmédy is a very small town dominated by an imposing citadel. The Citadel of Montmédy is one of the most important structures in the North-East of France, built during the reign of Charles V in 1545, and is located on a rocky promontory situated more than 100 meters higher than the level of the lower town.


The Stenay Beer Museum traces the history of brewing arts and traditions, from the origins (-12,000 years) to the present day, with more than 2,500 m² of exhibition space. Its collection of 50 000 works offers a didactic and fun course stimulating the sight as well as the taste, the smell, the touch or the hearing. The visit of the Museum ends at the Tavern, where you can taste a wide variety of craft and industrial beers.


On the other side of the border, you can discover Torgny a village voted “one of the prettiest villages in Belgium”. Torgny also benefits from a microclimate that allows local winegrowers to produce a few bottles a year.


Gourmets will also find one of the best restaurants in the region (Michelin 1-star restaurant), called La Grappe d’Or.


The Notre-Dame d’Avioth basilica, listed as a historic monument since 1840, is a Gothic-style religious building built in the 14th century. This building delights the visitor with its exterior architecture: stone lace portals, fantastic gargoyles, mysterious statuary and its interior period ornaments: stained glass windows, furniture of the choir, polychrome statues.

For more than 900 years, a statue of the Virgin and Child has been venerated on the site of the present building. Every year, on the 16th of July, pilgrims come and worship Our Lady of Avioth, Patroness of Desperate Causes.

Outside its surrounding wall, you will also find a unique 15th century building called the Recevresse, built to receive pilgrims ’offerings.

Several events are held throughout the year in Avioth and it is worth checking their cultural agenda. Every first Sunday of the month, Avioth also hosts a farmer’s market.


The Abbey of Notre-Dame d’Orval is a Cistercian monastery, currently occupied by a community of Cistercian-Trappists, located in Villers-devant-Orval, in Gaume, in the Belgian province of Luxembourg (Walloon Region of Belgium).

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the monastery has become both a remarkably restored place of history, visited by thousands of tourists each year. About fifteen Cistercian-Trappist monks, always present on the spot, welcome guests for a retreat of a few days in the silence of the Gaume forest. The liturgical prayers of the community are open to anyone who wishes to attend a service – make sure that you are the monastery reception area 10 minutes before any service to give yourself enough time to reach the church.

In 1931, the installation of a brewery within the abbey was decided in order to financially help the construction of the new monastery. Currently, and in the Cistercian tradition, the monastic community mainly dedicates the income related to the sale of beer under the name of Orval to social assistance. There are only seven Trappist breweries in the world. Only beers brewed within an abbey, under the control of Cistercian monks who live there, have the right to bear this name. There is only one beer brewed at the abbey, called the Orval (6.2% alcohol) which has gained a worldwide fame. A small museum has been set up in ancient cellars, which completes the visitor’s journey through the ruins.


Lunch in one of Orval’s small restaurants is also highly recommended. You will   not only enjoy an Orval but you will also get to taste its cheese and several local specialties.

Two establishments offer good meals at reasonable prices:

L’Ange Gardien : http://www.alangegardien.be/ et l’Hostellerie d’Orval

Very close to Orval, the restaurant Le Chameleux in the village of Chameleux (!) will also allow you to taste the local cuisine and enjoy a dish called the “touffaye”, a dish made from flat pork ribs, gaumaise sausages and potatoes.


The historic site of Cons-la-Grandville is a treasure of the Lorraine area’s architectural heritage. Castle, priory, crypt, barn, blast furnace, park and gardens form a monumental ensemble passed down the generations for more than nine centuries.

The Friends of Cons-la-Grandville organize throughout the year various activities such as “La Fonte du Chocolat” or “Les rendez-vous aux jardins”.


Symbol of French resistance, the Heroic City is forever synonymous with the greatest battle of the 20th century. To visit: the battlefields, the underground citadel, the national necropolis and the ossuary of Douaumont.

Discover its famous medieval castle (immortalised by Godefroid, leader of the first crusade – 1096), which dominates the Semois as well as the ducal museum and the archeoscope.


Kayak enthusiasts can embark at Bouillon to discover, over the Semois, the beauties of the Belgian Ardennes.http://www.semois-kayaks.be/

A few minutes from the city of Bouillon the park “Animal Park Bouillon” is a relaxing place for all ages!


A little further.
Zoo, cinema, casino, lake, golf, thermal baths


Amnéville Les Thermes (83 km) :

Zoo, cinema, casino, lake, golf, thermal center

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